14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You can't always inspect and try-out items you buy online, so we provide a flexible return policy on items purchased from our website sight unseen.

If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied, please return the goods in their original, unmarked condition and packaging within 14 days, and we'll refund you (the original delivery charge is not refunded).

This guarantee is in addition to your Consumer Guarantee rights (which, for example, allow you to ask for a refund if goods have a major fault or differ significantly from what you ordered).

We hope this gives you comfort and peace-of-mind when buying from SuperWH!

Customers Wishing to Return Items

If you are a customer who wants to send something back, click here to exchange the size or colour, or read on to obtain a refund...

Please email us before sending items back so that we can prepare. The easiest way is to reply to your purchase confirmation email.

Remember, you have 14 days from the date the courier delivered the item.

Unwanted items can be returned to one of our 4 NSW stores in person (sorry, you cannot return items to other Sportspower stores as these are owned separately), or by mail to the following address:

  Fit Sportspower 
  27 Glasgow Lane
  Lismore NSW 2480

You are responsible for arranging, and paying for, freight and insurance. Unfortunately, you're also responsible for any damage in transit, so please package the items carefully!

Once we receive the returned products in original, unmarked condition and packaging, we will issue your refund within 2 business days, but please note that the original delivery fee and 5% AfterPay commission (if you paid with AfterPay) are not refunded.

Again, you can do this in a Sportspower Super Warehouse store in person if that's more convenient.


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