Shop & Be Rewarded

Our "gold medal rewards program” is designed to reward your loyalty at Sports Super Warehouse online, and our 4 SportsPower stores in Northern NSW, by offering you a host of Benefits and Rewards.

When making a purchase in-store or online, earn points for every $1 you spend, even on discounted items and during sales.

Points accumulate every time you shop. Once you've accumulated enough points, you earn $10 off your next purchase.

There is no limit to the amount of points (and therefore $10 credits) you can accumulate. Points accumulate on both full-priced and discounted stock! So say you bought a basketball system which was on sale from $400 down to $270, you would immediately earn a $10 credit on your account.
Loyalty Points for Buying Running Shoes and Sports Equipment

Redeeming Points Is Easy

When making your next purchase, just ask the cashier to use your points to reduce the cost of the purchase, or if shopping online, the credit will show up in the check-out.

And there are More Rewards!

  • Member-Only pricing on lots of items in the store
  • Invitation to Member-Only events (eg. pre-sale evenings)
  • Special offer on your birthday
  • Competitions, prizes, and more!

How Do I Join?

You can join in person in our Super Warehouse stores in Coffs Harbour, Ballina, Grafton and Lismore, and if you're shopping online on this website, you'll automatically join the program and earn points!

What’s the "Fan Club”?

Sportspower’s cooperative Marketing Office in Melbourne (which helps 140 stores to do advertising) runs a database called the Sportspower Fan Club, and you may see this referred to on material they generate there (such as posters, catalogues, and website promotions). However our local Super Warehouse stores in Northern NSW maintain our own localised databases for the Gold Medal Rewards club which takes precedence in our area.

Any "fan club pricing” and "fan club offers” are honoured for members of the Gold Medal Rewards Club. For example, when you see "fan club price $99” it’s the same as saying "Gold Medal Rewards price $99”.

However, in addition, members of the Gold Medal Rewards Club also earn points on their purchases in our Super Warehouse stores.

If you live in Northern NSW, or are shopping on our SuperWH website anywhere in Australia, the Gold Medal Rewards Club is the loyalty program to use.

We’re sorry if this is a bit confusing!

Some Important Things to Remember

Full terms and conditions are in-store (also under T&C on this website), but a few key things to remember are;

  • Please keep us updated if you change email, phone, or address. (You can do this online! "Log In" above)
  • You need to shop with us at least once a year, or your points will expire.
  • This program only applies at Sportspower stores in Lismore, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, and Ballina .
  • At no stage can any points, vouchers or rewards be redeemed for cash.

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