We’re committed to the protection of your personal information, so the purpose of this policy is to ensure that we meet that commitment by managing your personal information in an open and transparent way.

We deal with your personal information for a number of reasons, including;
  • to assist you with shopping with us, both online and in-store
  • so that you can join and participate in our Gold Medal Rewards Club, and
  • to deal with your enquiries to our stores.

Some really important policies for us;
  • We won’t collect your personal information unless it is reasonably necessary for our functions or activities.
  • We will obtain this information about you directly from you wherever possible.
  • We will never sell your information to anyone! You will not end up on some pesky mailing list because of us.
  • We will only ever provide your information to third parties where you have agreed for us to do so, either expressly or implied (eg. a courier, finance company, or supplier sending something directly to you or supporting their warranty to you)
  • We maintain a secure IT system to ensure external parties cannot access your details.
  • You may contact use and ask us to remove your details from our systems, and we will make every effort to comply other than in circumstances where it is reasonable or necessary to retain certain information.
  • Most importantly, we are a local family-run company. It’s in our interest to look after you and your personal information, so please rest assured that we take this seriously.

In relation to our "mailing list", we manage this through a platform called MailChimp with is a dedicated, professional and secure system. If you receive an email from us and never want to receive marketing emails again, you can remove yourself from the list using the "unsubscribe" link in that email. In accordance with Australian Law, but also because we're actually decent people, we won't email you again unless you ask us to.

This policy should be read in conjunction with our other terms and conditions as published on this website.

Contact us if you need more details on your privacy.
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