You're covered by authentic Australian warranties on every item you buy at Sports Super Warehouse, with all items shipped within Australia from our authorised SportsPower stores in Northern NSW. Adidas, Asics, Brooks, New Balance - all with genuine, local support.

If anything goes wrong - stitching coming undone, button stops working - you've got the local Australian offices of our big-brand partners to back you up.
Only genuine products sold here
The Australian sporting-goods market is awash with counterfeit products, which have no protection at all, or "parallel imports" (aka "grey imports"), which are imported from overseas without the support or approval of the brand. But the seller doesn't usually tell you that! They says "Asics Kayano only $x" or "Nike Winflo a crazy $y", and it's only when you call Asics Australia or Nike Australia to complain about a problem that you're told they don't cover your product. At best, you can send it back to Thailand, or Poland, or Brasil, or where-ever it came from, and maybe their local office will support it.

Don't get caught out. 100% of the products we sell here at SportsPower are sourced from the genuine local brand office, so you'll always be protected, and you'll always be sure you're getting what you paid for.

As the Australian Government's own website says,when you buy a grey import, "it may be more difficult to obtain a remedy if something goes wrong".

Please CLICK HERE to make a warranty claim now, or to report a faulty item you bought from us

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