So your product's developed a fault?

You're covered by authentic Australian warranties on every item you buy from us because Sports Super Warehouse is the online store of authorised reseller SportsPower in Northern NSW. Stitching coming undone, sole coming apart, button stops working - you've got the local Australian offices of our big-brand partners to back you up.

However, please note that warranties are a "guarantee against manufacturing defect" - generally, warrantors will not honour a claim where the item has been misused, incorrectly assembled, or where the issue is considered "fair wear and tear".

Whilst you do have coverage with us under Australian Consumer Law, the warranty is with the brand of your product. So if it's a Nike shoe, the warranty will be with Nike, or if it's an Everlast boxing glove, the warranty will be from Everlast.

If your product is one of these brands; can log a warranty claim directly with the brand by clicking here;

If your product is with another brand (eg. Nike, Adidas);

...then please;
  1. reply to the Order Confirmation email you received from us when you originally placed the order,
  2. attach a photo (or photos) showing the issue
  3. give a description of the issue and how it arose

We can then pass this onto the warrantor and process a claim for you. (The beauty of replying to your original order email is that it gives us all the details we need about you and the product, so there's no confusion, and we can pass this onto the brand so they can be in contact if needed!)

Where to from there?

In many cases, the brand will want to see the product to make a determination. If this is the case, either they, or we, will email you details of what to do next (which usually involves posting the item to a Reply Paid address).

Please understand that it is a condition of our contracts with brands like Nike, Adidas and Asics that THEY are to determine the warranty outcomes of claims on their products, and it is therefore also a condition of our sales to our customers. They have technical experts employed specifically to analyse and diagnose claims, and we are both legally and logically bound to adhere to those expert determinations.

Obviously this process may produce a small delay for you. It might mean (for example) that your footy boots are away being assessed over a time where you have training and games. Whilst we do apologise for this inconvenience, again, we are required under our contract of supply to allow the brands to assess all claims in a reasonable way to ensure they can identify the best solution for all.

We are very aware of the requirements of the Australian Consumer Law, and adhere rigorously to those, but those laws do also mean that we have to be fair and reasonable to both brands and consumers at the same time.
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