As the new year gets underway, and 2024 life opens up before us, we're all turning our attention to how we can maintain our fitness in the New Year. Maybe it's time to actually bite off that new fitness challenge or focus on our Christmas tummy!

So here are our top 5 tips for how to maintain fitness through 2024...

#1 An Exercise Bike in Front of TV

An exercise bike (like this popular BodyWorx BK1.0 bike) uses "magnetic resistance" to provide smooth, quiet exercise, perfect for the lounge-room. Whether it's 7pm with the whole family home, or the middle of the day, these bikes are super quiet so you can exercise without bothering your loved ones. And if you put it in front of the TV, there's no excuse not to exercise for half an hour during your favourite show!
Home Fitness Equipment for Sale in Australia

#2 Resistance Bands

Physios and Personal Trainers are recommending resistance training for people of all ages, and it's easy to do at home or in a hotel room. The popular TRNR Total Resistance System is like a "gym in a box" - all the bands and tubes you need in one neat pack, allow you to perform a range of exercise similar to weight-lifting without the expense or space.
Resistance Bands for Sale in Australia

#3 Your Own Home Gym

A traditional weight bench, or home gym, is perfect as a replacement for all those trips to the gym. You can literally do dozens of different exercises on this one piece of equipment, from bench-press and lat-pulldowns to leg curls and rowing. Great for men and women, a home gym or weight bench will allow you to do all the things at home that you used to have to go into town to perform.
Home Gyms for Sale in Australia

#4 Try Yoga or Pilates

It's no secret that yoga and pilates are exercises rapidly growing in popularity, and you can do them anywhere. With a mat for comfort, like this popular Gaiam Yoga Mat, you can set up in the home, back-yard or public park to stretch out those limbs and get your heart-rate up.
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#5 Grab some New Joggers

The government's not suggesting we have to lock ourselves in our homes during this COVID drag - it's not Armageddon! With a good quality pair of Asics, Nike, Brooks or New Balance running shoes, you can get out on the road for a jog whenever you like, or go for a hike in the national park, away from the masses (check out our video guide to Asics Running Shoe Technology, if you wonder what's in a good quality shoe!). A fresh pair of 'kicks' is bound to provide you with newfound motivation as winter approaches...
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One final word on your Fitness

Our shop is all about sports and fitness. If you walk into one of our stores in Northern NSW, you'll know immediately that there's no excuse not to engage in local sport, get fit, or entertain the kids with fun outdoor activities. So please feel free to have a browse across our site, or visit us 7 days a week in-store, to get some inspiration to join a team sport or just get some new joggers. No matter what your interest, you'll find something here at Sportspower Super Warehouse!
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