Selling Uniforms to Players Made Easy

At Sportspower, we're locally-owned, and here to support our local Sporting Clubs and Associations.

A number of clubs are now selling their uniforms in one of our stores in Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Lismore and Ballina to make it easier for themselves and their players.

  1. It takes the hassle away from Club Execs, who are always volunteers and have so much else to do
  2. 100% of the funds go back to the club - if the netball dress sells for $30, we give you the $30. If the shorts cost players $24, you get ALL of the $24. There is no cost or commission for stocking your uniforms at Sportspower.
  3. It's great for the players - we're open 7 Days a Week, with easy parking out the front - we have change-rooms and air-conditioning, and the players and parents can pay by credit card, ZIP Pay, AfterPay, or cash.
  4. We give you monthly updates on sales, sizes, and stock levels, paying directly into your club bank account.
There's no more fumbling in a wet carton in the boot of your car to find a size Large, or telling the player you don't have change for their $50 note! We've got it all covered, since we're a professional, insured, local retailer.

Sporting uniforms in Ballina, Coffs Harbour, Lismore and Grafton

How to Sell Uniforms in the Northern Rivers and Coffs Coast

How Does it Work?

  • The club sources its uniforms where-ever it normally does (so yes, there's absolutely no obligation to buy the uniforms from us - you just keep buying them from your usual supplier).
  • We carry the uniform stock in our store. It remains your property, so it's just on "consignment" with us during the season.
  • Each month, players come in at a time of their choosing, any day of the week. They try on the uniform, and pay for it using any form of payment we accept in the store.
  • At the end of each month, we run a report, send it to you (so you know what's been sold, and how much stock you have left), and transfer 100% of the month's takings to you.
  • That's right - there is no commission, no cost, and no charge for us holding and selling the stock on your behalf. It genuinely is just a community service, making our professional location and facilities available to all local amateur sports clubs.

Sign Me Up!

If you'd like to discuss selling your uniforms (or anything else, like supporter gear) in our shop on this arrangement, please speak to the Store Manager in the store closest to you.

Again, there's no need for you to buy anything from us or pay anything for this service, but it's worth noting that our store can help to organise...

  • Training and Match Balls
  • Training equipment such as poles, hurdles, cones, and goals
  • Ref’s gear such as white clothing, whistles, and score-sheets
  • In-Store Uniform Stocking

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