Video - Treadmill Features

Here is our Buyer's Guide on treadmills in Australia. Our own staff explain the differences between the models of running machine - the features and benefits, and the main jargon you'll hear. Check it out now, to understand questions like "why is horse-power important in a running machine?", and "is heart-rate control good for exercising on a treadmill?".

Treadmills for Sale Australia

Fitness Equipment Range

Remember, we have a great range of treadmills for sale at Sportspower Super Warehouse. A variety of user capacities, speeds, horse-powers and programs. So to keep your fitness up during the cold winter months, on rainy days when you can't get out for a run, or just to stay fit in the safety and comfort of your own home, think about a treadmill from big trusted brands like BodyWorx. And don't forget, a treadmill is also referred to as a running machine, a walking machine, a walker, or walking exercise machine - they're all the same thing.
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