Video - Fitness Rower Features

Here is our Buyer's Guide on rowing machines in Australia. Our staff explain the differences between the models of rowing machine - the features and benefits, and the main jargon you'll hear. Check it out now, to understand questions like "can a tall person use a rowing machine?", and "what is a fly-wheel?".

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Fitness Equipment Range

Remember, we have a great range of rowers for sale at Sportspower Super Warehouse. A variety of user capacities, programs, sizes and flywheel weights. So to keep your fitness up during the cold winter months, on rainy days when you can't get out to the gym, or just to stay fit in the safety and comfort of your own home, think about a rowing machine from big trusted brands like York Fitness and BodyWorx. And don't forget, a rower is also referred to as an ergo, an ergometer, a rowing machine, a cable row machine, a water-rower, or seated row machine - they're all the same thing.
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