Boxing Glove Buyer's Guide for Australia

It can be confusing when you start out with boxing training, whether it's for fitness or sparring - there's so much to consider and so many choices!

This quick video explains the difference between boxing gloves and punch mitts in Australia - bent-knuckle gloves, sparring gloves, bag mitts, and kids gloves. Boxing instructors are increasingly understanding the importance of having boxing gear that provides the right support for their clients, whether that's to protect from injury or increase performance - this video shows you real-world examples and outlines the basic differences and how to pick which features are most important for you. Check it out now, to understand questions like "what's the difference between punch mitts and boxing gloves?", "what is a weighted glove and which weight is best for me?", and "what glove is best for use with a boxing bag?". We cover the big boxing brands like Punch Urban, Everlast and Madison.

Punch Mitts for Sale Australia


Full Boxing Range

Remember, we have a great range of boxing gloves & punch mitts for sale online. A variety of sizes and colours for all users. We're an official retailer for Everlast, Punch Urban, Madison, as well as Nike, Adidas, Asics and more, so your warranty will be covered right here in Australia. This video helps explain the technology in a boxing glove, and why spending more on a punch mitt gets you more features and better technology - hopefully this video will help! We have all the gear you'll need to keep fit in Australia throughout the year.
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